A Truly ‘Strangers’ Inspired Pic

Pitchfork Teepee

My girl Di texted me this pic of a teepee yesterday along with the words “Pitchfork on its side with the handle broken off,” which I’ve since captioned on the photo itself. Her text absolutely made my day (well, that and talking to my mom on Mother’s Day, of course).

The pic probably means nothing if you’re not a fellow (and refined) fan of “Strangers With Candy” – hands down one of the greatest cult classic series of all time, and one that has served as a foundation for a number of my friendships. The latter may appall you if you’re one of those uber-politically correct types, but it actually makes me quite proud.

The context of the quote along with the premise of the episode in which it appears can be found on some guy’s ridiculously involved series companion site. And I thought I was a Strangers superfan…

This pic is a keeper though. There are often times I send friends photos that remind me of them, but I haven’t gone as far as those tumblr types who caption funny phrases or inspirational quotes on his pics. This one may just have inspired me to start doing more of that.

Kimmel Cracks Classic Kobe Joke

L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who I thoroughly enjoy despite popular sentiment against him, visited Jimmy Kimmel Live this past week. He and Jimmy eventually got on the subject of Dennis Rodman’s recent (and random) trip to North Korea, during which “The Worm” told DPRK leader Kim Jong Un, “You have a friend for life” while watching an exhibition basketball game.

While I could write at length about my views on Rodman’s visit, I’d rather focus on another joke — the one Kimmel dropped on Kobe during his interview. The setup for the joke comes about 1:40 into the video, but the pair’s banter makes the entire vid worth watching.

Seth MacFarlane, I’ve Got Your Back

Watching major awards shows and sporting events allows me to completely nerd out. It’s on such nights that I can be found on my couch watching while live tweeting like I’m in some kind of catatonic trance – taking a quick sip of my beer or pausing to banter with friends being the only acceptable distractions.

Sunday’s Oscars was no different. I’m generally a big fan of the event because I’ve always appreciated the caliber of the nominees. My one resounding complaint, however, is how altogether stuffy they tend to be every year.

This year, insert host Seth MacFarlane into the mix. Yes, I know he’s widely perceived as a douche, but I’m a big fan of the guy and am impressed by how insanely creative and successful he’s been over the course of his career (I mean, need I say more than Family Guy?).

And while MacFarlane was admittedly a bit more crass than the typical Oscars host (e.g., Lincoln joke), he had some brass and remained true to his comedic persona, making the event far less stuffy than in the past. Unlike most years, I actually looked forward to the camera panning back to him for a monologue… or dialogue with William Shatner.

Despite what many have said about the guy, who was massacred on Twitter for his performance (he’s since said he’ll never host again), I was thoroughly entertained throughout this year’s show. I know my sense of humor can be a little more “bro” than some, but if the Oscars has any hopes of connecting more with the younger generation – a legitimate concern – the show should feature a host who’s actually relevant and relatable to us (i.e. our parents, grandparents and today’s young adults).

Sure, MacFarlane wasn’t a Billy Crystal crowd-pleaser type, but the show itself still lived up to its reputation as the gold standard of Hollywood awards shows and garnered its best ratings in three years, reeling in younger viewers. So recruit some younger celebrities like him to host, or at least someone like Steve Martin who viewers of all ages find to be timeless and funny as hell.

Really all I ask for is relevancy and an end to of the inane stuffiness that had so come to define the Oscars until recent years. Let’s have some more of this…

ABC News did a great job summing up MacFarlane’s best and worst moments as this year’s host…