Oh Hail Yeah!

hail yes

I’m a huge fan of T-shirts – as in I easily own 100 – and this one immediately caught my eye as I made my way through my Instagram feed yesterday. The NFL was peddling these clever tees at Radio City in NYC – site of the NFL Draft – this past week and in the process showed it could have a little fun with the criticism of its decision to hold next year’s Super Bowl at the non-domed MetLife Stadium in Jersey.

True, any three of these weather conditions could potentially strike the Metropolitan Area come next February 2, but let’s remember this is football, folks; a game where inclement weather is often embraced and can make the gameday experience all the more memorable.

I must admit it would be pretty incredible if the game actually came down to a Hail Mary pass. Equally incredible would be da Bears making it to the Super Bowl, but the likelihood of that happening is about as good as Mother Mary herself returning to throw the game-winning pass.

Lots of Inspiration to Stand as One With Boston

Martin Richards Sign

After tragedies like Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings, many of us search for a way to help, as evidenced by the many inspiring stories of good being done in the aftermath of the attack and over the past several days. I know that finding a way to give back was one of my prevailing thoughts after my initial senses of shock and horror began to dissipate.

Today I heard about a “Boston stands as one” tribute T-shirt being sold by Boston Marathon sponsor adidas, which will donate 100% of the proceeds to the One Fund Boston founded in Monday’s aftermath to help support the victims of the bombings and their families. Mens and women’s styles are available, both featuring a blue and yellow theme – the colors of the Boston Athletic Association that coordinates the marathon – for a very race-appropriate cost of $26.20.

I immediately bought a tee to serve as a tribute to the victims, their families, all of the marathoners, the authorities and the people of Boston. I figured another way to give back at this point is to spread the word about the various ways to give back, which is my aim here.

If a tee isn’t your thing, then check out One Fund Boston and The Salvation Army’s Boston Emergency Services Fund. Another awesome resource is the Boston Marathon’s Crowdrise site listing a ton of teams and individuals to which you can donate. It’s amazing to

In addition to that, I’d encourage you to get out and go for a run to honor those affected as well as to take some time to pray, which I like to think is the most powerful option. Oh, and call your loved ones and tell them you love them!

I wanted to end this post with several inspirational things I’ve seen in the news over the last several days…

The fans at Wednesday’s Bruins/Sabres game stepped in after Rene Rancourt had difficulty overcoming his emotions while singing the National Anthem (occurs around 3:00 mark)…

In a clear display of support, the archrival Yankees paid tribute by playing Sweet Caroline during Wednesday’s game against the Diamondbakcs…

I also wanted to share President Obama’s speech made at today’s  interfaith service in Boston. I point to two statements in particular: “Your city is with you. Your country is with you. We will all be with you as you learn to stand and walk and yes, run again.” and “It should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. Not here in Boston. Not here in Boston.”

Lastly, the Chicago Tribune featured a very classy tribute on the front page of its Sports Section on Tuesday. I thought this was incredibly well done.


Odds Ever in Our Favor With New ‘Hunger Games’ Campaign

Effie Katniss Meme

Well, we’re only eight months and some change away from Katniss, Peeta and crew returning to our lives in “Catching Fire,” the second chapter in the beloved “Hunger Games” series. If you’re like me and need a consistent fix ahead of the November 22 premiere, the odds are ever in your favor thanks to Instagram.

The film’s studio, Lionsgate, is utilizing Instagram to rekindle our interest in the series by releasing individual character posters featuring portraits of empty chairs and soliciting guesses as to which character will eventually take each seat. The full fashion-themed photos portraying both chair and occupant are being periodically released on entertainment websites like People.com.

Until their release, the photos include hints in their captions with a countdown clock also being made available on the relaunched Capitol Couture site (the .pn in the site’s name is a nice touch, right?), run by the fictional Panem government. The first photo released is of Effie Trinket, who’s depicted as a more stately and slightly older Lady Gaga.

I’m impressed by Lionsgate’s clever use of cross promotion among its various digital platforms and its additional incorporation of outside entertainment sites into the mix. I look forward to following the campaign as both a fan and a new media junkie.

And because I can never take myself too seriously here, after you follow Capitol Couture on Instagram definitely check out these amazing Hunger Games memes. They were released last year, but they never get old.

My New Kicks and a Surprise Lesson in Science


With it being a new(er) year, I’m trying to be better about staying on top of accomplishing personal tasks after becoming so consumed with my professional life in recent months… or years, really. With my Nikes showing definite signs of wear, one of my needs as of late has been a new pair of running shoes.

After talking with my bud and running guru, TL, I set out to buy a new pair of kicks  this past week. Of the sagacious advice she offered, the one piece that resonated most was the need to visit an actual running store versus going to a general sporting goods store like Dick’s.

Her advice could not have rang truer. I hit up a running store near me and talked at length with a guy who happened to be a semi-pro runner and the roommate of the assistant track coach I worked with last year at UR (University of Richmond). He asked me a variety of questions and had me jog around the store to get a better feel for my running style and specific type of foot.

I know there’s a science to running, but I had no idea the same was so true for actual running shoes. Purchasing a shoe that matches your specific foot is essential no matter how serious you are about running. Unlike most instances in life, you can’t buy a pair of running shoes simply based on aesthetics. The guy was adamant about this and made the very astute point that you don’t even see your shoes when you’re running. It’s precisely all about the fit.

Not that I’m any kind of aspiring pro runner, but I’ve been running around 15 miles every week and felt it was high time to invest in a quality pair of shoes. After a couple times running in them, I have no question that I accomplished this with my Sauconys and definitely inspired to get out and run even more now.