Saturday Night Live Is Alive Again

Saturday Night Live seems to be getting back to its uproarious roots after a rough stretch over the last few years, which in my opinion began with the departure of the likes of Will Ferrell and continued through Molly Shannon’s exit from the show. It was disheartening to see mainstays such as Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig peacing out recently as well.

So maybe it’s because I had set the bar pretty low that I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the show has been more consistently entertaining week in and week out as of late.

This past weekend’s episode featured a fantastic sketch parodying iPhone5 users’ complaints about the device (e.g., obnoxious maps glitch), which begins with a panel of techie bloggers and then segues into an appearance by several Foxconn (Chinese factory where iPhones were manufactured) workers mockingly offering their own counterpoints to the various complaints.

As usual, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are genius, and the sketch ended up being hella amusing throughout. My favorite part is when the workers have trouble identifying products actually made in America–other than diabetes that is. With sketches like these, I think SNL may actually be making its way back; or at least in this guy’s eyes.