Per Usual, I’m in the Minority

Layla Snow

I get it. You hate cold weather; a hatred that’s probably been only further magnified by winter continuing to linger like it is now in late March.

I’m sure many of you have recently stepped outside and flashed a McKayla Maroney-esque sneer similar to the one of my sister’s dog Layla in the pic above.

Like you, I’m fully aware that spring has officially arrived, so why isn’t the weather acting like it? Damn Mother Nature and that (Punxsutawney) Phil with his six more weeks of winter. Winter’s the worst, right?

Wrong. Per usual, I’m in the minority. As my friends and family know, I’m one of the seemingly few folks who genuinely loves cold weather. Winter and I are tight. In fact, if it weren’t for it not being light enough for morning runs, we’d be besties. But generally I’m a big fan of rocking my Patagonia jacket, holing up at Starbucks, couch surfing with my mags or a good book and piling on the blankets at night.

While many out here in Virginia don’t mind (but always find a reason to complain about) these soft winters with their lame quasi-cool temps and little to no snow, I personally can’t wait to move up north in the near future (Boston!) so I can bundle up, finally get into cross country skiing and occasionally score a snow day when a massive snowstorm like good ol’ Nemo hits.

Growing up in the Midwest, I miss my authentic winters, a fact I was reminded of this past weekend when my mom group messaged my sisters and I photos of the winter storm that dumped 15 inches on our small central Illinois town. The pics made me reminisce about snowfalls during our childhood and all of the good times we Burri and the neighbor kids had together.

In this spirit, and because my mom braved the snow and cared enough to send these shots, I thought I’d share them here on the blog. Enjoy!

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Doggin’ on the Huskies: The Worst Half in History

Northern Illinois didn’t do my home state proud after putting up just four points in the first half of its game against Eastern Michigan on Saturday, resetting its own NCAA record for fewest points in a half (previously 5). The Huskies’ futile effort can be best summed up by one of the game’s TV analysts, who stated simply, “This is ugly, ugly basketball.”

This ESPN Stats Info tweet puts the team’s play into further perspective…

Nevertheless, I’ve got to give it to the NIU Athletics PR folks for finding a positive spin to put on all of this…

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 1.16.36 PM

Well done, NIU. Well done.

Missouree/Missouruh. Potato/Potahto.

I  came across this story in the New York Times today about politicians’ pronunciation of “Missouri”. As a native Midwesterner and having gone to school in Missouri, I’ve heard both pronunciations aplenty, but I never gave too much thought to the need to use the state’s pronunciation for political gain. This is classic political pandering, but I suppose every little bit helps in tightly-contested campaign races anymore.

The article notes that most people–myself included–use “Missouree”, but even I’ve dropped the occasional “Missouruh” every now and then. I know my mom–a native Missourian–uses the former and my dad goes with the latter. I think there’s a lot of merit to the notion that this debate is rooted more in geography (urban vs. rural) and a generational gap (older vs. younger) than anything else, so it makes sense to exploit the pronunciation for a political gain in ads and on the stump.

While this whole discussion is a bit fatuous, it is fun to think about. And I think we can all agree that there’s no right or wrong here. Just so long as no one uses “Illinoise”, we’ll be good.