The Indy 627

Indy 627

My road trip to Indy this past week involved 627 miles of driving and what seemed like nearly that number of songs on SiriusXM. Since I Shazam like a fiend in Herta (my Jetta), I figured I’d use the app to tag as many tunes as I could during my drive, which included crossing the entire state of West Virginia (pictured above), so I could then create a Spotify playlist when I returned to Richmond.

Being the generous guy that I am, I thought I’d also share “The Indy 627” playlist here. Fair warning: It includes everything from Tom Jones to Taylor Swift.

The New Woman in My Life


So, there’s a new woman in my life. Her name is Herta, named after an eccentric Austrian woman in my hometown, and she’s pictured above.

Yes, after more than eight years, I finally traded in my Ford Focus, Sylvia, for a new set of wheels. Despite the multiple breakdowns and her recent shaky years, Sylvia was damn good to me. She’s been all over the country – from Vegas, South Bend and Savannah to her last stop here in Richmond. I must admit to shedding a few tears in what turned out to be my final drive with her to the VW dealership. She’s has (literally) been along for the ride during the most formative years of my life.

Sylvia, I’ll always remember our dance parties, road trips, late-night soda runs, sober rides for friends (and me) and the countless daily drives to and from work.

As much as I’ll miss Sylvia, I couldn’t be happier to have Herta in my life. She drives like an absolute gem, proving all of the hype about Volkswagens and their German engineering 100% true.

Needless to say, this was the biggest adult purchasing decision that I’ve made in my life. The monthly check I’ll be cutting to VW, which’ll force me to stick to my budget, is totally worth it given satisfaction that I derive every time I sit in the drivers seat. The new car smell is one helluva added bonus.