My Return to the Small(er) Screen

They let me appear on camera for the second time at work last week when we filmed Wednesday’s 2012 season-finale of CAA Football’s The Blitz, which is a weekly show shot in the fall that recaps the week that was and previews the week ahead around our league.

This was my first time co-hosting this particular show with my friend/coworker Bobby, and it went much more smoothly than I had originally thought; two takes were much better than the 22 or so I had predicted. There’s some definite room for improvement (I mean, what’s with all my gesturing?), but I accomplished my main goal of not saying anything too embarrassing. The occasional gaffe can be endearing when it comes tumbling out of the mouth of a Joe Biden type, but it’s generally not a good look for the rest of us.

So keep your expectations low and check it out when you have a few minutes. In our season-finale webisode, we recap the past season and preview what’s become a busy offseason. The show will return late in the summer in preparation for the 2013 season. Go ahead and get your popcorn ready.

MuZach Mondays – 8/20/12

Taylor Swift’s admittedly catchy new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” is all the rage after its release this past week. The fact that the song centers on her breakup with a former flame is about as surprising as last week’s gaffe by Joe Biden, which I maintain was in no way intended to infer race.

But getting back to America’s fav breakup queen, her single’s got nothing on my nine MuZach ditties this week. Eat your heart out, Taylor.

1. Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin (inspired by you, Mr. Biden)
2. D.A.N.C.E. – Justice (worthy of being dedicated to MJ, and such a funky vid)
3. Domino – Van Morrison (equally worthy of its dedication to Fats Domino)
4. Fix You – Coldplay (added this as a workout cool-down – clutch & beautifully done)
5. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys (appreciate ballsiness of using “God” in 60s)
6. Hurt Me Tomorrow – K’Naan (his best song since the World Cup’s “Wavin’ Flag“)
7. National Anthem – Lana Del Rey (She’s strange, as is vid – bit obsessed w/ both)
8. Not Your Fault – AWOLNATION (a really stellar mix of several different genres)
9. Take A Walk – Passion Pit (totally kickass tune & vid from one of my fav bands)