MuZach Mondays – 8/20/12

Taylor Swift’s admittedly catchy new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” is all the rage after its release this past week. The fact that the song centers on her breakup with a former flame is about as surprising as last week’s gaffe by Joe Biden, which I maintain was in no way intended to infer race.

But getting back to America’s fav breakup queen, her single’s got nothing on my nine MuZach ditties this week. Eat your heart out, Taylor.

1. Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin (inspired by you, Mr. Biden)
2. D.A.N.C.E. – Justice (worthy of being dedicated to MJ, and such a funky vid)
3. Domino – Van Morrison (equally worthy of its dedication to Fats Domino)
4. Fix You – Coldplay (added this as a workout cool-down – clutch & beautifully done)
5. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys (appreciate ballsiness of using “God” in 60s)
6. Hurt Me Tomorrow – K’Naan (his best song since the World Cup’s “Wavin’ Flag“)
7. National Anthem – Lana Del Rey (She’s strange, as is vid – bit obsessed w/ both)
8. Not Your Fault – AWOLNATION (a really stellar mix of several different genres)
9. Take A Walk – Passion Pit (totally kickass tune & vid from one of my fav bands)

MuZACH Mondays: 8/13/12

My first round of MuZACH Mondays since returning from the Bay Area this past week. This week’s lineup features the usual variety and ranges from Biebs to Aerosmith to an indie gem in Christine (and her queens). Have a great week, y’all!

1. As Long As You Love Me – Biebs ft. Big Sean (Biebs just keeps bringin’ it!)
2. California Soul – Marlena Shaw (I left a little piece of myself in NorCal last week.)
3. Good Time – Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen (I still say she’s no one-hit wonder.)
4. Mizzou Fight Song – Marching Mizzou (youngest sis heads to Columbia this week!)
5. Moving Like Bernie – ISA (This will forever remind me of A’s games.)
6. Narcissus Is Back – Christine and the Queens (Frenchie + drag queens = amazing)
7. The Other Side – Aerosmith (great reminder of Mama Burrus)
8. Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj (I figuratively fist pump on runs when this plays.)
9. With A Girl Like You – The Troggs (heard on “Girls” & am totes digging this group)

Call Me Maybe: An Intervention

As fake as this video clearly is, it’s without question one of the better interventions I’ve seen. It could never be the most captivating, however, because the actual “Intervention” episode with the bat shit crazy girl huffing Dustoff in the cemetery easily takes the cake.

Given the epic popularity of “Call Me Maybe”, I’m sure there are actually a few Carly Rae super fans out there who may be in need of an intervention. This guy was clearly due. I mean, the jean ripping and wasted karaoke sesh? Amazing. His loved ones randomly dropping song lyrics (“I miss him so, so bad.”) was also hella well done.

The ironic thing about this video, though, is that they never actually came together for an intervention. In a sequel… maybe?

MuZACH Mondays: 7/9/12

MuZACH Mondays has made its long-unanticipated return to the blogosphere after a number of months. BPT baby! It’s funny because I constantly star music on Spotify and make mental (and occasionally written) notes about songs I can’t get enough of, but as with most things in life it’s all about following through. Perhaps this can be my New Fiscal Year’s resolution.

Anyhow, my nine most recent obsession-worthy ditties–complete with quick notes for each–are presented in alphabetical order (because I’m neurotic) below for your listening pleasure. You may be asking yourself why only nine now, to which I’d say that nine is my favorite number and I honestly can’t imagine anyone having an interest in my list entering double-digit territory.

I also want to reiterate that I in no way claim to be any kind of authority on music. For whatever reason people often tell me I have decent taste in music, so I figured I’d spread the wealth. (You may soon be questioning these folks.)

As another quick note, Kristina Train is the daughter of one of the teachers I had the privilege of working with while in Savannah teaching as part of Notre Dame’s ACE program. Kristina is a supreme talent and will be releasing her second album later this summer. I secretly want to be her PR guy when she becomes famous, which she is undoubtedly destined to be.

Also, if you have yet to join Spotify, do so immediately. It’s a free and seriously amazeballs music service, so what could you possibly be waiting for? Check it out and find my lame playlists on there!

Now for the muzach, my friends.

  1. Dancing On My Own – Robyn (Yes, I dance on my own to it.)
  2. Dream of Me – Kristina Train (Move over Adele.)
  3. Hot Stuff [Let’s Dance] – Craig David (sweet Bowie sample!)
  4. I Feel Better – Gotye (His range extends well beyond his big hit.)
  5. King of Spain – The Tallest Man On Earth (love the bit of a bluegrass twang)
  6. Let’s Have A Kiki – Scissor Sisters (Thanks to my bestie Jules for this gem.)
  7. Long Distance Runaround – Yes (wonderful childhood reminder of my ‘rents)
  8. Summer In The City – The Lovin’ Spoonful (big fan of this funktastic intro)
  9. Went Away – The Maccabees (No, they’re not Jews but Brits… and brilliant.)

Racist Siri and Me

One of my friends recently mentioned she thought of me when she saw this “Funny or Die” video — I think she gets me.

If I actually had Siri (iPhone 5 release can’t come soon enough), I feel like this would be a pretty true-to-life life depiction of my relationship with her given that I’m a vegan, enjoy the outdoors, aspire to relearn a musical instrument (preferably the oboe or piano) and boast an awesome and equally lame running mix which actually hasn’t included any Coldplay in quite some time.

This cat’s style is pretty rad, too — cardigans & sweatbands: HOLLA.

The only irrelevant aspects of the vid are the parole officer and paternity test references. Now if we were talking about my brother, that’d be a different story.





I thought your penis would be bigger.

I Think Jimmy Kimmel’s on to Something Here

My coworker introduced me to this gem of a vid a couple months back, and I’m obviously on BPT posting it. I was reminded of it this weekend while at home with my mom, who like any middle-aged white woman loves her some Oprah (I think it’s genetic – kind of like Black folks and BPT) and has been raving about her network the last couple of days. (Apparently I need to watch “Welcome to Sweetie Pies”.)

I go back and forth about both Jimmy Kimmel (sometimes too much of a “brah” and clearly the lesser of the late-night Jimmys) and Oprah (sometimes just too much), but here they join forces to provide a sure-fire laugh. I especially enjoyed the “Oprah After Dark” (loved her absurd tub scream) and “Oprah Fight Club” sketches. The latter sounds MUCH more appealing than her actual book club.

Given OWN’s lousy ratings, maybe Jimmy’s on to something here. And let’s be honest, Oprah — No way the Dalai Lama act is a joke.

The Curse of AND

All I could do was stare at my computer screen completely dumbfounded after watching this guy’s performance on “Wheel of Fortune” this week. The audience’s collection of groans and Sajak’s speechlessness were right on point.

I’m not sure whether to attribute his performance to a failure of the American education system or to the fact that he goes to Reed College and must have therefore been trippin’ on [insert drug here]. With regard to the latter, did you see his friends?

And how dumb would you feel if you were one of the college students who lost to this kid? You’ll always be that guy or that girl who lost to the douchebag who couldn’t get “magic wand” with all but two letters in the puzzle.

I also want to add that OF COURSE his name is Zach. He’s without a doubt an embarrassment to those of everywhere who bear his name.

I mean, what would Albus Dumbledore think?