MuZACH Mondays: 8/13/12

My first round of MuZACH Mondays since returning from the Bay Area this past week. This week’s lineup features the usual variety and ranges from Biebs to Aerosmith to an indie gem in Christine (and her queens). Have a great week, y’all!

1. As Long As You Love Me – Biebs ft. Big Sean (Biebs just keeps bringin’ it!)
2. California Soul – Marlena Shaw (I left a little piece of myself in NorCal last week.)
3. Good Time – Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen (I still say she’s no one-hit wonder.)
4. Mizzou Fight Song – Marching Mizzou (youngest sis heads to Columbia this week!)
5. Moving Like Bernie – ISA (This will forever remind me of A’s games.)
6. Narcissus Is Back – Christine and the Queens (Frenchie + drag queens = amazing)
7. The Other Side – Aerosmith (great reminder of Mama Burrus)
8. Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj (I figuratively fist pump on runs when this plays.)
9. With A Girl Like You – The Troggs (heard on “Girls” & am totes digging this group)

Back Home with the Burri

I returned home to lovely Roodhouse, Ill., this past weekend for my youngest sister Mary’s graduation. My sister Annie also came home from Anchorage, making it the first time all of us Burri were back under the same roof since Christmas.

The fam also kept the fact that Annie and I would be back in town a secret from Mare the last few months. Given how close our family is and that even the most inconsequential of news spreads like wildfire in our town of 2,300, keeping this a secret was a major feat.

As was our hope, Mare was hella surprised when she came home to find me at the house on Thursday night and was equally as shocked the following morning when Annie barged into her room to find her recently awoken and barely coherent (and barely dressed).

We got a lot accomplished over the four days I was home, as evidenced in the slide show below. I enjoyed some local Mexican fare with my mom and grandma (tough to beat Tex-Mex in the heart of Central Illinois), got in a couple walks with Babe (my black lab), had a legit family photo sesh (you know I’ll be blogging the hell outta those pics when we get them back), heard a sweet Sermon by a visiting African-born priest at Mass and even got to see the Cards lose in person! The highlight, however, was obviously watching Mare walk across the stage after winning a scholarship for a paper she wrote on domestic violence towards today’s youth. We hosted a party at our house after the ceremony, and I had the chance to see a lot of my relatives, including my cousin Christina who I haven’t seen in forever (a year-and-a-half is far too long!).

As it is so apt to do, my time at home flew by and before I knew it I was back at the airport awaiting my return flight to Richmond. I took some solid time during my two flights to think about those four days and how much I miss being home with my parents, sisters, grandma and our eight pets (I refuse to figure the three stray cats my mom and Mare have collected into this mix).

As my mom mentioned multiple times over the course of the long weekend, she really misses having “all of her chickens back in the roost”. I echo these sentiments, but have also come to realize that we’re all never all that far away thanks to cell phones, email, Skype and yes, even Draw Something. If you don’t have the latter, download it!

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I Think Jimmy Kimmel’s on to Something Here

My coworker introduced me to this gem of a vid a couple months back, and I’m obviously on BPT posting it. I was reminded of it this weekend while at home with my mom, who like any middle-aged white woman loves her some Oprah (I think it’s genetic – kind of like Black folks and BPT) and has been raving about her network the last couple of days. (Apparently I need to watch “Welcome to Sweetie Pies”.)

I go back and forth about both Jimmy Kimmel (sometimes too much of a “brah” and clearly the lesser of the late-night Jimmys) and Oprah (sometimes just too much), but here they join forces to provide a sure-fire laugh. I especially enjoyed the “Oprah After Dark” (loved her absurd tub scream) and “Oprah Fight Club” sketches. The latter sounds MUCH more appealing than her actual book club.

Given OWN’s lousy ratings, maybe Jimmy’s on to something here. And let’s be honest, Oprah — No way the Dalai Lama act is a joke.

Did He Think I Had A Weave or Something?

As is the case on an almost daily basis in my life, I experienced quite the awkward moment today (hence the awkward turtles above). The initially unsettling incident occurred as I was paying for my lunch at our campus dining hall this afternoon. I can remember the conversation with the cashier verbatim, so without further ado…

Cashier: “Hi, how are you today?”
Me: “I’m good. How about you, sir?”
Cashier: “Oh I’m doing just fine.”
Me [now expecting to grab my card and go]: “Good to hear.”
Cashier [in a slight mumble]: “Is your hair real?”
Me [caught off guard because I thought I had heard wrong – I hadn’t]: “What?”
Cashier [plain as day]: “Is that hair of yours real?”
Me [still processing the situation]: “Uh, yes…”
Cashier [eyes aglow]: “It’s real pretty.”
Me [amidst awkward laughter]: “Oh, thank you. You have a good one.”

If you’re wondering, the cashier was a man. And yes, he was Black. And no, I have no clue as to what else my hair could have been other than “real”. Part of me believes he thought I had a weave or something. I’ll have to consult my resident weave expert, my younger sister Mary, on this one.

This is actually the second time this month that I’ve had a Black cashier compliment my luscious locks. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the kind words about my curls, especially coming from a Black individual. While I’m not quite sure why, perhaps it’s because I feel their compliments are more authentic given the countless times I’ve heard about my “Black hair” from folks growing up.

Nevertheless, I guess the takeaway here is that you’ve gotta take a compliment when you’re paid one. And maybe 2012 is the year of the curl!

(The Spot On) Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls

Franchesca Ramsey’s “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” serves as a perfect follow-up to the “Shit Girls Say” video that went viral at the end of 2011 (see my Dec. 15 post). Her video, which she created after viewing “Shit Girls Say” and others like it, fits right in with the vids in its genre based on both its comic genius and accuracy.

Here, versus wholesale generalizations about women as in “Shit Girls Say”, her video depicts how White girls perpetuate stereotypes of their Black counterparts.

There are many White girls out there who are apt to use the expressions, mannerisms and such so often associated with Black girls. We all know at least one of these guilty gals. In fact, I’m sure a culpable friend or family member just materialized in your mind.

In my case, there are too many to count.

I’ll admit that White girls sometimes “act Black” (an ignorant phrase my sisters and I absolutely detest – much like “ghetto”) subconsciously given that doing so has become so engrained in our culture. And while I would suggest more often than not they’re fully aware of what they’re doing, I’d also argue their comments are mostly innocuous.

In certain cases it can actually be quite entertaining. I mean, as evidenced by this sample of spot-on lines from the video, what part of a White girl trying to identify with the Black culture isn’t amusing, right?

  • “Not to sound racist, but…”
  • “My best friend was Black. I mean, she’s still Black. And we’re not really friends anymore.”
  • “Oh my God, I’m practically Black!”
  • “He’s so cute for a Black guy, right?”
  • “Hollerrrrr!”
  • “I think what I like the most about them is that they’re not, like, stereotypical Black people.”

The point of this post, though, was not to climb atop my soapbox or rag on my White “sistas”, who make up the majority of my friends and fam and who I love very much.

I simply wanted to share this video so you too can enjoy how very perfectly it plays on this cultural phenomenon.