My New Kicks and a Surprise Lesson in Science


With it being a new(er) year, I’m trying to be better about staying on top of accomplishing personal tasks after becoming so consumed with my professional life in recent months… or years, really. With my Nikes showing definite signs of wear, one of my needs as of late has been a new pair of running shoes.

After talking with my bud and running guru, TL, I set out to buy a new pair of kicks  this past week. Of the sagacious advice she offered, the one piece that resonated most was the need to visit an actual running store versus going to a general sporting goods store like Dick’s.

Her advice could not have rang truer. I hit up a running store near me and talked at length with a guy who happened to be a semi-pro runner and the roommate of the assistant track coach I worked with last year at UR (University of Richmond). He asked me a variety of questions and had me jog around the store to get a better feel for my running style and specific type of foot.

I know there’s a science to running, but I had no idea the same was so true for actual running shoes. Purchasing a shoe that matches your specific foot is essential no matter how serious you are about running. Unlike most instances in life, you can’t buy a pair of running shoes simply based on aesthetics. The guy was adamant about this and made the very astute point that you don’t even see your shoes when you’re running. It’s precisely all about the fit.

Not that I’m any kind of aspiring pro runner, but I’ve been running around 15 miles every week and felt it was high time to invest in a quality pair of shoes. After a couple times running in them, I have no question that I accomplished this with my Sauconys and definitely inspired to get out and run even more now.

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