One Freakin’ Amazing Freakout

Please check out this phenomenal freakout by Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve. Was this a tantrum? Indeed. But more importantly, was it effective? Undoubtedly, as Reeve’s Lynx responded accordingly and won the game to tie its WNBA Finals series with the Indiana Fever at 1-1.

I’m going to argue that we need to see more fire like this in the WNBA, and in women’s sports in general. While some fans are turned off by such displays (boo you whores), the vast majority of true sports fans enjoy seeing this kind of passion in their coaches. As evidenced in this case, players are often times receptive to this kind of behavior in their coaches as well.

Plus, coming from a PR perspective, it’s also an incredibly effective way to generate buzz around your team, as Reeve has done with multiple replays of her display on ESPN and well beyond in the realm of social media. While tantrums don’t always necessarily trigger positive storylines, they’re certainly memorable and women’s sports should be fighting for all the buzz they can get.

You go girl.

One thought on “One Freakin’ Amazing Freakout

  1. I loved seeing her fire on the court! At least it was only a jacket! A la Bobby Knight she is doing alright! Give that woman a couch to jump on!

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