So Who Is This Paul Ryan Guy Anyway?

Welcome to the fray that is the 2012 campaign race, Paul Ryan. Glad to have you on board the now Romney-Ryan ticket. As someone who’s interested in the candidates and our nation’s pundits all engaging in some semblance of a substantive debate this fall, I’m clearly a big fan of Ryan’s selection. Despite what many may believe, Ryan is more than just the Republican budget plan he designed and has hence come to be almost exclusively known for by the majority of America.

Okay, and while that last statement must make me seem like I’m some kind of Ryan apologist, I can assure you I am most certainly not. But I am all for giving the guy a fair shake and seeing where he stands on all the issues. Yes, while I acknowledge the economy is the defining issue of the election, it’s also not the defining issue that should necessarily and solely determine our votes in this election.

Moreover, as an independent voter who’s still technically “undecided” at this juncture, I’m relieved that Romney has finally solidified his choice and that I can now delve into researching Mr. Ryan’s background and record. (This reminds me that I need to step up my game in doing the same with the third-party candidates out there as well.) Nerd Alert, I know. As I learned to embrace my “inner nerd” long ago, I’ve unabashedly been geeking out over all the recent Romney-Ryan coverage and Obama-Biden’s subsequent responses. With the Olympics officially over, let the political games begin!

I’ve tried to do my due diligence over the past few days to research who exactly Ryan is as a politician and a person (Did you know he’s an avid “noodler” and enjoys making his own sausage?). I thought it prudent to share some of these readings with you. If you have some free time in the coming days or weeks to read up on Mr. Ryan, I’d encourage you to do so. As an individual constantly striving to be informed, I’ve already greatly benefited from these reads, which you can find below.

And because I freak for political humor, I’d also encourage you to check out Funny or Die’s “10 Possible Romney/Ryan Campaign Slogans.” Political junkie or not, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “So Who Is This Paul Ryan Guy Anyway?

  1. Thank you for doing the legwork and keeping me informed about Mitt’s running mate. We all definitely need to know who is running for office and I am one of many who get lax on that subject. If any time to be informed is now!

  2. Happy to do some research for y’all. I know everyone’s incredibly busy, and I honestly thoroughly enjoy reading up on everything. So good to be informed!

  3. “Inner Nerd”? Perhaps “Inner Citizen” is a better term. It’s nice to see young people like us thinking, researching and voting.

    I think we all know I’m a bleeding heart liberal, so I think we all know I’m not voting for the Romney-Ryan group. But I will say, even if I disagree with Ryan’s plan (and pretty much every single one of his hobbies makes me a little queasy as a tree-hugging liberal vegetarian), at least he HAS a plan, and ideas, and things to say. That’s a massive step up from the 2008 Republican VP pick.

  4. Speaking of “running” for office, the makers of PX90 need to thank Ryan for product endorsement. Marathoners have another view…

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