To Be a Coed Again

The third generation of Burri (fourth if you count my cousin Christina) at Mizzou officially began this week when my parents moved my youngest sister, Mary, to campus. It seems like just yesterday the fam was moving my overly-anxious ass to Columbia. 10 years later (damn!), I recently found myself talking with Mare for a good while; her exuding such excitement about all the opportunities soon to come her way. I mean, I’m pretty impressed that one of her initial goals is to get involved with the Women’s Center.

During our convo, I found myself using such clichés as “Be yourself.” and “College is the best four years of your life”, the latter ringing so true that I extended my academic experience to eight years. Moreover, both not only aptly describe one’s college years,  but also go so veritably hand in hand when it comes to the overall college experience. I’m glad my middle (i.e. white) sister, Elizabeth, and I can look back on our own experiences and offer such sage advice to Mare.

Oh, to be a coed again. My best friend, Jules, and I were discussing this the other day and we both decided that we’d relive–as opposed to redo–the college experience again in a heartbeat. I’ll most definitely be living through Mare’s next four-plus (I mean, she is a Burrus, after all) years at what I, as a self-professed colleges geek, can definitively say is one of the most amazing schools in the country.

I also can’t go without sharing the priceless sign below that Mare came across during her first day on campus. Welcome to Mizzou, right?!? For clarification’s sake, it doesn’t have anything to do with race but instead refers to the architecture of Mizzou’s two sides of campus: White Campus and Red Campus.

I’m not sure who gave this sign the go-ahead, but perhaps a little more prudence could have been exercised here. Nevertheless, it was definitely good for a laugh!

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