MuZACH Mondays: 7/9/12

MuZACH Mondays has made its long-unanticipated return to the blogosphere after a number of months. BPT baby! It’s funny because I constantly star music on Spotify and make mental (and occasionally written) notes about songs I can’t get enough of, but as with most things in life it’s all about following through. Perhaps this can be my New Fiscal Year’s resolution.

Anyhow, my nine most recent obsession-worthy ditties–complete with quick notes for each–are presented in alphabetical order (because I’m neurotic) below for your listening pleasure. You may be asking yourself why only nine now, to which I’d say that nine is my favorite number and I honestly can’t imagine anyone having an interest in my list entering double-digit territory.

I also want to reiterate that I in no way claim to be any kind of authority on music. For whatever reason people often tell me I have decent taste in music, so I figured I’d spread the wealth. (You may soon be questioning these folks.)

As another quick note, Kristina Train is the daughter of one of the teachers I had the privilege of working with while in Savannah teaching as part of Notre Dame’s ACE program. Kristina is a supreme talent and will be releasing her second album later this summer. I secretly want to be her PR guy when she becomes famous, which she is undoubtedly destined to be.

Also, if you have yet to join Spotify, do so immediately. It’s a free and seriously amazeballs music service, so what could you possibly be waiting for? Check it out and find my lame playlists on there!

Now for the muzach, my friends.

  1. Dancing On My Own – Robyn (Yes, I dance on my own to it.)
  2. Dream of Me – Kristina Train (Move over Adele.)
  3. Hot Stuff [Let’s Dance] – Craig David (sweet Bowie sample!)
  4. I Feel Better – Gotye (His range extends well beyond his big hit.)
  5. King of Spain – The Tallest Man On Earth (love the bit of a bluegrass twang)
  6. Let’s Have A Kiki – Scissor Sisters (Thanks to my bestie Jules for this gem.)
  7. Long Distance Runaround – Yes (wonderful childhood reminder of my ‘rents)
  8. Summer In The City – The Lovin’ Spoonful (big fan of this funktastic intro)
  9. Went Away – The Maccabees (No, they’re not Jews but Brits… and brilliant.)

One thought on “MuZACH Mondays: 7/9/12

  1. YOW-ZAH! Sooooo glad the drought is over! From the beat I’m thinking a kiki should most ideally happen under a Tiki! Hot Stuff! It’s the new bank mojo mover on my workout playlist! Polish up the stilettos before you listen to both! Yes! I’m back out in the quad at Cook College ’81 and life is beyond fun! Lovin’ by the spoonful the reminiscent vibe on this list. Gracias! You and Beaty would make a tour de force promo dream of a team for Kristina. Move over Mr. Cowell! Rock a black tee? Yeah! Moreover, Simon is no where near the wordsmith webmeister you are!

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